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Improved oversight and accuracy of IT asset data

Inventory and Billing

AirTrack assists with:

  • Incomplete Infrastructure Inventory
  • Unreconcilable Billing Statement
  • Inaccurate Software Asset findings
  • Retired Assets still being counted
  • Incorrectly assigned Cost Codes
  • Incomplete Discovery outputs
Reduce billing validation from weeks, to minutes!

The biggest challenge with reconciling billing information is have an accurate and complete inventory. Too often this foundational information is poorly constructed, or supplied across multiple outputs, and procurement professionals are forced to manually construct a version of the truth. AirTrack automates this aggregation and consolidation such that Inventory and Billing process can be executed efficiently and accurately.

Built to make Heroes across Billing and Procurement

AirTrack solves problems unique to every function

  • Improved oversight

    Improved oversight and accuracy of IT asset data, to enable accurate and informed decision making

  • Accurate source

    Provides accurate single source of truth to facilitate identification and remediation of risks

  • Reconcile Billing

    Reconcile Billing and Invoicing from third parties against the source of truth

  • Track and Monitor

    Track and Monitor externally delivered remediation and migration activities

  • Manage devices

    Manage devices across Mergers and Divestment activities

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