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Improved oversight and accuracy of IT asset data

Forecasting and Planning

AirTrack assists with:

  • Incorrect Cost Codes
  • Incomplete current inventory
  • Missing or incorrect service ownership
  • Counting retired devices
  • Future modelling depending upon bad data
  • Quantifying adoption of new services and transformation initiatives
  • Accuracy around future software and infrastructure spending
  • Arguments with business areas around current cost allocations
Anyone who has worked in Forecasting and Planning understand that having an accurate complete and current view of the software and infrastructure inventory is essential.

Technology Business Models built within applications such as Apptio must use assumptions where this information is available, leading to significant gaps in the way future spending is planned, or where the effectiveness of transformation activities are to be measured.

Built to make Heroes across Forecasting and Planning

AirTrack solves problems unique to every function

  • Improved oversight

    Improved oversight and accuracy of IT asset data, to enable accurate and informed decision making

  • Quantified progress

    Quantified progress against IT service delivery plans

  • Accurate information

    Support What-If Analysis using accurate foundational information

  • Measure progress

    Trend device-based remediation initiatives over time to measure progress

  • Effective collaboration

    Effective collaboration between IT infrastructure stakeholders through a single common view

  • Improve outsource

    Improve outsource relationships by working from a common and agreed source of truth

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