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Identify gaps in Technology Asset Management

IT Asset Management

AirTrack assists with:

  • Incomplete Inventory
  • Discovery Agents do not reach every endpoint
  • Asset information out of Date
  • Incorrect environment info (e.g. Production, Staging, Test, etc)
  • Poor foundational data for Software Asset Management
  • Compliance requirements – verification and attestation
  • Broken Install, Move, Add, Change processes
  • Inability to track remediation and over time improvement

Built to make Heroes across Technology Asset Management

AirTrack solves problems unique to every function

  • Identify gaps

    Identify gaps in Asset information - drive remediation and track improvement over time

  • View of assets

    Holistic view of assets (multiple sources) - isolate authoritative sources

  • Reduce costs

    Identify opportunities to reduce operational costs through evidence-based rationalisation

  • Isolate gaps

    Isolate inventory gaps against compliance requirements

  • Track progress

    Track progress and completion of migration activities

  • Understand usage

    Understand device usage and allocation to tie back into software registers

Industry success stories using AirTrack

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