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Identify and remediate coverage gaps and missing patch tooling

Security and Compliance

AirTrack assists with:

  • Missing endpoints not covered by AV
  • Patching agents not installed or not running
  • Device security protection out of date
  • Virus signatures not up to date
  • VPN software not correctly managed
  • Security alerts not prioritised by impact
  • No understanding of Service Impact

Built to make Heroes across Security and Compliance

AirTrack solves problems unique to every function

  • Identify gaps

    Identify and remediate coverage gaps and missing patch tooling

  • Summarise security issues

    Summarise security issues and trending over time by platform / ownership / business line (e.g. count of severity "x")

  • View of assets

    Holistic view of assets (multiple sources)

  • Identify opportunities

    Identify opportunities to reduce risk (e.g. End-of-Support, unpatched devices, vulnerable devices)

  • Track progress

    Track progress of migration activities

  • Improve Security

    Improve Security tool effectiveness (when were patches last updated)

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