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Identifying inventory and discovery coverage gaps

Service Management

AirTrack assists with:

  • Incorrect Configuration Items
  • Missing Attributes
  • Incomplete Asset Data
  • Broken Workflow Triggers
  • Inefficient ITIL Processes
  • Poor Data Quality
  • Out of Date Information

Built to make Heroes across Service Management

AirTrack solves problems unique to every function

  • Identifying

    Identifying inventory and discovery coverage gaps

  • Quantified improvement

    Quantified improvement against IT Service Delivery processes and objectives

  • Improve Service

    Improve Service Levels compliance through accurate and updated CIs

  • Better Management

    Better Problem Management through accurate CIs and associated history

  • Improve Automation

    Reduce broken workflows and triggers

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce support costs by proactively identifying errors and lack of coverage

  • Locate devices

    Locate and remediate unmanaged and unsupported devices

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