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Finally, A Single Pane of Glass for IT Operations

Through a process of aggregating, normalising, cleaning and rationalising, AirTrack brings together a complete view of IT Operations, identifies erroneous or incomplete information, and provides actionable remediation task to improve future consistency and compliance.

IT Leaders are almost always hampered by poor IT Operational Data Quality.

While each team has their own version of the truth, and run their processes against this data, it is common that these data sources are misaligned when looking from the top down.
AirTrack introduces a new way to aggregate across these silos, analyse for data issues, and initiate remediation actions to ensure all teams are now working with complete, current and correct data

Key features

AirTrack solves problems unique to every function

  • Flexible deployment

    Available On-Premises, via AirTrack Cloud or Hybrid

  • Passive Data Collection

    No Agents Required – native integration to sources via integration packs

  • Rationalises & Cleans Data

    Automatically ingest and clean source data on a schedule

  • Constantly Checks

    Complete Audit of Aggregation and Transformation of Data

  • Identifies Anomalies

    Extensive ‘What If’ Diagnostic Analysis – Identify Gaps and Anomalies

  • Measures Performance

    Tending and Performance Measurement over Time

  • Benchmarks Against Best Practices

    Measurement and Compliance against Policy and Best Practices

  • Role Based & Targeted Dashboards

    Role Based Dashboarding with Suite of Visualisation Techniques

  • Workflow & Event Notification

    Triggers and Threshold based alerts and notifications

Analytics to drill down into specific problem areas

AirTracks ability to reconcile data across the entire IT landscape results in a completely new way to understand IT Operations. No longer are you dependent upon discrete and isolated sources of data – you can now derive new insights, understand coverage, remediate gaps and anomalies, while being confident that IT decisions are being made against accurate and complete data

Agentless collection, across all of the things

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