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Delivering truthful data.

As the number of sources and volume of IT Operational data continues to grow, maintaining quality across all systems and platforms remains a significant challenge. AirTrack addresses this ongoing problem such that IT leaders can use their data to make sound decisions, with confidence that this data is complete, current, correct, and ultimately trustworthy.

AirTrack Software Pty Ltd, is a Melbourne, Australia based software development company specialising in the need to ensure IT Operational data is complete, correct and current across the enterprise.

Born from a recognition that IT Asset Management solutions didn’t have an accurate and comprehensive way to certify inventory, and the fact we couldn’t find a solution for this in the marketplace, we decided to build our own – hence AirTrack was born.

Since inception, and based upon many customer engagements, AirTrack has broadened our capability to accommodate unlimited object types (e.g. people, locations, smart meters etc.) This has led to additional use cases across IT including Service Management, IT Asset Management, Billing and Inventory, Security and Forecasting / Planning.

Each use case represents significant steps in the product’s journey, and we are committed to continue to invest in the platform’s development to broaden AirTrack’s reach into other IT Operational areas, and eventually towards solutions well beyond the realms of IT.

Our Partners augment and strengthen their value propositions to organisations by integrating AirTrack into their service offerings as resellers, integrators, specialised IT consultants, or managed service providers

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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

TMG is a proudly independent IT Asset Management company which doesn’t pretend to be all things to all people and who rely on accurate information when managing IT Assets for their clients. They are often called on to ensure that their blue chip, mid market and government clients enter into commercial agreements with their IT vendors with information based on facts. Just as importantly they improve how they manage their obligations and entitlements to ensure they receive the maximum value from their IT investment. AirTrack assists them in being able to efficiently and accurately report on entitlements and compliance.

Europe & United Kingdom

Europe & United Kingdom

Softline Solutions offers you years of experience and expertise in the field of Software Asset Management (SAM). Softline Solutions’ consultants have built up experience in complex settings with enterprises all over Europe, from medium-sized companies up to multinationals, from commercial organisations up to government institutions. Since 1983 the Softline Group is an established IT service provider that shows a continuous growth through the establishment of international branches focussed on IT-consulting, IT-support, Security and SAM. The Softline Solutions organisation is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany and has local subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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