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Complete. Current. Correct.

IT Operations rely upon accurate data, but what happens when there are too many management platforms, too many systems of record, and unfortunately, too many versions of the truth.

AirTrack gathers, aggregates and analyses multiple sources of data used across IT, making it easy to pinpoint issues, so you can move onto more important tasks.

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AirTrack derives an accurate single source of truth

Using a process of aggregation, consolidation and normalisation across multiple data sources, AirTrack quickly surfaces IT data inaccuracies and facilitates rapid remediation of associated risks, across IT.

No Agents, No Hassle.

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Improve data confidence

Having a complete and accurate view of your assets allows you to take decision making to the next level. AirTrack ensures technical and business decisions are made with confidence and clarity.

Better Focus, Better Data, Better Outcomes.

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Identify gaps across your IT landscape

AirTrack identifies the gaps and anomalies across the many IT systems of record, identifies the associated risks and allows you to track the ongoing remediation from start to finish.

Streamline Operations, Improve Service, Better Outcomes.

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The Hidden Cost of IT Data Inaccuracy

Missing, incorrect, and ambiguous data drives inefficiencies across IT and process errors across the Business.

As much as 53% of device data is not captured in Service Management systems
Up to 50% of Mission Critical Servers lack any Anti-virus coverage.
Up to 30% of IT Assets are not captured and managed by IT Asset Management systems.
Agents only cover about 65% of devices for patch and update management.

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